Dear residents, staff, families and supporters,

Resident and staff testing this week for the long-term care areas of Woodland Terrace and Evergreen Arbor were all negative. All areas of the Bartels campus are open to visitation. We also offer compassionate care visits if the need should occur for special circumstances.

There was one staff member in the Independent Living/Assisted Living area who tested positive. Any residents who had a low risk exposure to this individual were tested and all tests were negative. Visitation remains open in these areas.

The regulations at this time still require testing twice a week for unvaccinated staff. Testing will occur for unvaccinated staff on Monday, Sept. 27, and Thursday, Sept. 30, from 6:00-8:00 a.m. and 3:00-4:00 p.m. and will continue every Monday and Thursday at those times unless notified otherwise. We will test any staff or resident if symptomatic.

It is still very important for all visitors to screen in on the kiosks in the various areas, so if there is an exposure we can back track and keep people informed. All visitors must continue to wear a mask.

Bartels is hosting an employee self-care event next week to stress the importance of mental health and taking care of ourselves. As we continue to be “Bartels Strong,” we also recognize the effects this ongoing pandemic is having on all of us. So remember to take time to relax, breathe, go for walk, listen to music or whatever you enjoy!

If anyone has questions or concerns please reach out and call 319-352-4540 or email us at

Paula Geise, RN, MSN, CEO

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