Dear Residents, Staff, Families and Supporters,

I want to give you another update on the Covid status at Bartels. There are two cases of Covid at the current time. One staff member who is not working and one resident in the independent apartments at Eichhorn Haus. There are no cases in Woodland Terrace or Evergreen Arbor and there are no cases in either of the assisted livings, Linden Place or Aspen Cottage. We will continue to wear masks until there are no cases for 14 days. I appreciate everyone’s commitment, as our efforts have seemed to help decrease the spread.

Our flu clinics for residents and staff are completed and went very well. If any staff would still like a flu shot please stop at the first floor nurses’ station or ask a manager for assistance.

Covid vaccines are being ordered through Meyer Pharmacy. It will be another couple of weeks before they arrive. We will be providing a clinic for on-campus residents when it arrives.

Bartels staff members, Eisenach Village residents and Bartels-at-Home clients are encouraged to go to the pharmacy of their choice or their physician’s office. Anyone with Medicaid coverage will need to go to their physician’s office. For those with no insurance coverage, the government has a deal in place with Walgreens and CVS to provide the Covid vaccine. If anyone has any questions, please reach out to a leader in your area or a staff member and they will help direct you to the right person to assist you.

Meyer Pharmacy received their first shipment of Covid vaccine and anyone can stop there if they would like to have it sooner until it runs out.

On another note, we want to recognize the World Mental Health Day next week on October 10. At Bartels, we have started training with our leaders on Mental Health First Aid, which is called the Make It Okay program. Our leaders want to make sure they are equipped to help our residents, our staff and our surrounding communities. The first training is next week and there will be additional trainings the rest of this year and next year and we hope to open this up to community members at some point if there is an interest.

As we prepare next week here are some tips to use or share:

20 Small, Powerful Ways to Take Action for Mental Health

Taking charge of your mental health doesn’t have to mean drastic lifestyle changes. In fact, the smaller the shift, the more likely it is you’ll do it. Big, lofty goals are often unrealistic and quickly fizzle out.
For example, you wouldn’t start training for a marathon by running 26.2 miles every day; you would start by walking or jogging a mile or two at a time and build your way up as your legs got stronger and your endurance increased.
You may be surprised at how the smallest of actions can cause a huge, positive reaction in your mind and body.
We’ve compiled 25 simple things you can do during World Mental Health Day and year-round. These actions and gestures will benefit your health and others, because doing good for others can do wonders for your own self.
1. Reach out to a neighbor you don’t know. A friendly “Hello, I don’t think we’ve met yet,” can make their day — and yours!
2. Reconnect with a friend. Call, text or mail them a card.
3. Host a dinner for friends, peers and other people you admire.
4. Send a “thinking of you card” to someone in your life who needs a pick-me-up.
5. Start that book you’ve been wanting to read.
6. Listen to a podcast about mental health, leadership or other self-help topics.
7. Watch a movie or documentary about mental health. Share the film with your friends and family to introduce them to mental health. “Silver Linings Playbook” and “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” are a couple blockbuster movies to consider, and “Out of the Dark,” “Facing Suicide” and “Heal” are a few documentaries to add to your watch list.
8. Subscribe to daily affirmations. Try apps such as I Am, Shine and ThinkUp.
9. Define healthy boundaries for yourself.
10. Volunteer at a local organization.
11. Start a new hobby or pick one back up.
12. Offer to pet sit or babysit for a friend who needs a break.
13. Set up a meal train for a friend facing a challenging time.
14. Schedule a wellness check-up with your doctor.
15. Attend a religious service.
16. Organize a “clean up the neighborhood” day.
17. Learn a new joke and try it on friends, peers and coworkers.
18. Take a nap. Sleep is critical to your mental health!
19. Start journaling.
20. Unfollow or hide social media accounts that aren’t relevant to you or bring you down. A virtual housekeeping on your accounts can be refreshing and invigorating.

The weather is starting to get chilly and it is football season, so bundle up!

Thank you!

Paula Geise, RN, MSN, CEO

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