Dear residents, staff, families and supporters,

This week there are no positive tests for Bartels residents or staff and there were only 16 positive tests in the entire county! This dramatic decrease is good news for all of us!

The regulations continue to change for long-term care providers. We are advocating for the rights of our residents and feel there is a safe way to move forward. Currently, masks are still required to visit.

Two years ago in March will be remembered for a long time. This is when I had to call the team together and close the doors to visitors. It is hard to believe we will be entering our third year dealing with Covid, and really my entire time here at Bartels.

Next week, we will be testing all symptomatic staff and all staff who are not up to date on their vaccinations or boosters. For Pfizer and Moderna, a booster is recommended after 5 months and for Johnson & Johnson after 2 months. This means a larger group will need to be tested next week. This does not apply to assisted living and independent living staff. Testing will be held Monday and Thursday in the Chapel and from 1:00-4:00 pm.

I will be on vacation next week and will return on March 22. If you have any needs or questions, please reach out to Veronica Shea, Peggy Zumbach or Angie Daniels.

At Bartels, like the rest of the community, we are ready for some nice weather and outside activities, and maybe a touch of good luck on St. Patty’s Day!


Paula Geise, RN, MSN, CEO

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