Dear Residents, Staff, Families and Supporters,

Bremer County is in the red (high) for transmission levels of Covid so there are a few updates I would like everyone to know.

We have had positive cases in Woodland Terrace first floor and in Evergreen Arbor. The activities will be one-to-one and there will be no Worship Service in the Chapel on Sunday.

Visitors can visit according to their comfort level and must being mindful of the risks and requirements to wear a mask and check-in at the kiosks. Please do not visit while sick.

Eichhorn Haus, Linden Place and Aspen Cottage will still have Sunday Worship Service at the normal time.

Residents with Covid are experiencing a variety of symptoms from respiratory, stomach issues, and aches. Some are mild and some are more severe.

Staff will wear masks and goggles when providing personal cares for residents. All employees are encouraged to communicate proactively with supervisors of any symptoms and can be tested at any time.

Covid testing of residents in these areas is being done frequently to determine who is on precautions and who is coming off precautions. We will communicate with the primary contact of the resident or during care conferences.

Hopefully this will run it’s course quickly, but we will keep everyone informed.


Paula Geise, RN, MSN, CEO

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