Update – Feb. 4, 2022



Dear residents, staff, families and supporters,


I am happy to report Bartels Lutheran Retirment Community is heading in the right direction in regard to Covid-19. The three residents in Evergreen Arbor who had tested positive have recovered and most of the staff who were out, have now returned. One new admission from the outside is positive and in quarantine. No other residents within Woodland Terrace nursing areas or either of the assisted living communities (Linden Place and Aspen Cottage) have tested positive and remain healthy.


Bartels still has an occasional staff member testing positive, but the numbers are decreasing. In the independent living areas, there are a couple of individuals who have tested positive or have symptoms and are quarantining. We will continue to test twice next week for staff and residents.


As always, please do not visit if you are sick or if you have had Covid in the last 10 days. Please wear your mask while visiting, and please recognize the staff throughout the facility as they provide exceptional care.


The Super Bowl is just around the corner and those two teams worked very hard to achieve their spot in the big game. Our team at Bartels has the same level of effort and dedication and is one of the best teams out there. They continue to work hard every single day, without the fanfare of a Super Bowl event. Our reward are the smiles from the residents, the thanks and praise from the families and the support of the community.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks for your support.




Paula Geise, RN, MSN, CEO

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