The team at Bartels was recently able to go above and beyond to makes a resident’s wish of reuniting with her son possible, which is an example of our values and mission at work. Bartels Lutheran Retirement Community strives to demonstrate the Bartels Heart values of Honesty, Empathy, Accountability, Respect and Teamwork, along with carrying out Bartels mission of enriching lives through quality services and Christian care every day!

A Bartels resident, Pene State, recently approached our transportation specialist, Dan Replogle, in hopes of scheduling a ride to West Union to see her son. He is currently in the rehabilitation area of a nursing home, following a surgery and she hadn’t seen him in over a year and was worried about him.

The Bartels team pulled together and came up with a plan to help her see her son. It didn’t take long and soon Dan, Pene and Shanice Midthus, a Bartels C.N.A., were traveling to West Union.  “It was nice to see how excited she was on

the way there,” Dan stated. “And it was heartwarming to know what we were doing was going to make her very happy.”

When they arrived at the nursing home, all three had the opportunity to go in and visit. “Pene and her son both had a big, amazin

g smile the moment they saw each other,” recounted Dan. Pene explained when was able to finally see her son, she just felt “Wow,” and was overcome with emotions because she hadn’t been able to see her son in so long. Another added gift to the visit

was Pene seeing her son’s dog, Douie. Everyone had a great time visiting and giving Douie a lot of love and attention!

When the visit wrapped up and it was time to head home Pene stated, “I felt so thankful for Dan and Shanice. Shanice brought extra clothing if need be and they all played with the dog and could be a part of the visit. I can’t thank them enough.” Shanice added, “It felt really good to make this happen and felt like I had done a good deed. Pene had been worried about him for so long, so it was nice to see them together again.”

With the team at Bartels striving to carry out the Bartels Heart values and mission, they were able to reunite a family. Going the extra mile by Bartels staff is not just limited to occasions like this, but is a daily occurrence as quality of care and enriching the lives of the residents is our top priority.

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