Deb Schroeder, President & CEO, was recently awarded the LeadingAge Iowa 2017 Excellence in Leadership Award

Deb Schroeder, President & CEO, was recently awarded the LeadingAge Iowa 2017 Excellence in Leadership Award. The recognition, given in honor of her outstanding leadership and tireless efforts in addressing resident service needs, added benefits for employees, living the mission and enhancing the vision of Bartels, was presented at the LeadingAge Iowa Conference.
Deb takes a long-term view and acts as a catalyst for innovation organizational changes, builds a shared vision with others; influences others to translate vision into action and anticipates issues and opportunities. Deb was one of the first CEO’s in Iowa to recognize the need to have a Board with not only a diverse background but also backgrounds that would complement the needs of Bartels as it continued grow and meet the demands of increased regulation. One of the first things Deb did was to harness the energy of her Board and the local community and through fundraising and community support were able to build a new nursing facility, assisted living and independent living facility. Bartels was one of the first organizations in Iowa to understand the need to modernize their campus as well as to provide a full continuum of care. Many other organizations watched on the sidelines as Bartels took the lead and many later followed the same path. Under her leadership since 1995, her vision for the future of Bartels has resulted in numerous campus changes for resident care including the addition of Evergreen Arbor (dementia specific unit), Linden Place (assisted Living) Eisenach Village (Independent Living), skilled Nursing and Rehab, Bartels-At-Home (in-home chore services) and Assisted Memory Care which is currently under construction. Under her direction, the Bartels Board has approved a $23 Million campus expansion in response to the needs in senior care.
She identifies and analyzes problems and makes logical decisions, exercises good judgement, anticipates the impact and implication of decisions, and applies creative solutions based on new insights to make organizational improvements. Deb transformed Bartels’ relationship with its employees. Prior to Deb’s involvement, the employment relationship was poor and Bartels’ staff had recently unionized in an attempt to better their working conditions and compensation. Bartels now enjoys a much lower than average employee turnover (based upon IME cost report statistics) a higher staffing level and maintains a good relationships with all employees. Deb’s focus on creating an employee-focused organization has resulted in the addition of group health insurance, life insurance, short-term/ long-term disability, voluntary life, dental and vision insurance and an employee retirement plan. Along with establishing employee benefits, Deb demonstrates effective interpersonal skills that enable consideration of and response to the needs, feelings and capabilities of those she supervises. She encourages cooperation within the team environment and manages conflict effectively in a positive and constructive manner.
Bartels is recognized by the local community as being a leader in providing senior care. The community responds in-kind by providing substantial support as a means to help offset the Medicaid payment deficit. For over half a century, Bartels has provided a loving, caring, Christian home for senior adults. The Bartels Chaplaincy program anchors this treasured service. To protect this service and ensure its future, Deb was instrumental in establishing the Chaplaincy Endowment in 1997. Today it has grown to over $2.2 million. Bartels has grown in assets from $6 Million in 1995 to $39 Million today.
Because of these efforts, Deb has earned respect and gratitude of those for whom and with whom she serves. As peers whom Deb has inspired and motivated to service, we congratulate her for receiving the 2017 Leading Age Excellence in Leadership Award